Category: Technology

5 Amazing Gadgets Invented in 2020

Today we will talk about some amazing gadgets that will blow your mind. Let's have a look. GIBBS BISKI Many of us may have a dream that if we had a bike that would feature flying , riding in the water as well as in the land. But that dream never came true. But now there is a motor cycle we are going to talk about which can fulfill a portion of that

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Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming – What and Why?

Competitive programming is a sports where programmers are given tasks and they have to solve them in a certain perirod of time. So, actually It's a brain storming. Programming meaning commanding the computers for doing some tasks. Programming is an important part of today's technology. So, competitive programming is nothing but a way of learning how to

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Smartphone Processors

Nowadays smartphones are not only a communication device but also a part and parcel of life. So, everybody has a smartphone in his pocket. Now, when it is time for buying a new smartphone there are confusions like which processor is better? should I pay more attention to core thanclock speed? Which core should I select? So, today I am going to share some

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