Smartphone Specification : Proximity Sensor

Smartphone Specification : Proximity Sensor

Proxmity sensor using in smartphones is very common nowadays. There are many types of proximity sesnors used in many different devices. Like inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic and many more. Let’s see what does it do in smartphone.

When we are talking in smartphones we can notice one thing. When the mobile is near our ear, the smartphone screen automatically disapperas and displays lock screen. This sensor implements this feature. This sensor is used to detect an object without contacting physically. It discharges an electromagnetic field. When there is a change in the field, then this sensor provides this information to the smartphone processor. Then smartphone processor lock the screen. Thus while calling through a smartphone when the mobile is held near the ear, display disapperears.

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Using this sensor has many advantages. This sensor work without any physical contact and works from a specific distance. As a result unwanted touch on keypad don’t happen. It also reduces energy cost by increasing battery life.

Sometimes proximity sensor may not work properly. Then you can try with removing the cover or screen protector ,checking if there is a dust, resetting or updating the phone. So that it’s working properly.

Hope it will be helpful for you to understand about proximity sensors. Give feedback in the comment section.

Source Wikipedia seeedstudio

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