5 Amazing Gadgets Invented in 2020

5 Amazing Gadgets Invented in 2020

Today we will talk about some amazing gadgets that will blow your mind. Let’s have a look.



Many of us may have a dream that if we had a bike that would feature flying , riding in the water as well as in the land. But that dream never came true. But now there is a motor cycle we are going to talk about which can fulfill a portion of that dream. Yeah, GIBBS BISKI is a motor cycle which can ride both in water and land. It can travel with 80 miles per hour on land and 37 miles per hour on water. One can switch from land to water operation in just 5 seconds. It has 55 horsepower two cylinder engine that uses standard gasoline. You can contact with the authority to get one.

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Focals Smartglass

Focals is a kind of smart glasses that can replace one’s daily glasses. This glasses can be used to text messages, make phone calls , checking weathers and many more. Recently, this startup company was acquired by tech giant Google. The company was backed by Amazon and offered alexa support. It’s easy to operate. One have to wear a included ring and it will allow to navigate the menus very easily. This glasses will help to use phone without taking the phone from pocket.

Morus Zero


Morus Zero is desktop dryer. This can be placed any where and it’s very much effetive rom traditional dryer. It can reduce time to just 15 minutes andcan lower energy cost upto 40% for drying clothes. Morus zero can also disinfect clothes. It uses vaccum technology to remove water and moisture very fast.

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Armor 9

Armor 9 Thermal IMAGING MOBILE

Armor 9 is world’s first thermal imaging equipped smartphone. It has a very strong bumper that prevent damageand it’s very user friendly for using outdoor. Armor 9 has 64 megapixel rear camera, octa core processor and runs on Android 10.0. It is capable of displaying various types of thermal images.



StopSleep is a device which works as an alarm for the drivers when they are driving if they fell drowsy. NCSR has tested it scientifically. One have to attach this device with their finger while they are driving. It will detect and alarm up to five minutes when the driver is feeling drowsy or feeling tired.This device has a super fast charging time and drivers can use it long time while they are driving on long trips.

This was some amazing gadgets and devices that can make our life more easier and more simple.

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