Smartphone Processors

Smartphone Processors

Nowadays smartphones are not only a communication device but also a part and parcel of life. So, everybody has a smartphone in his pocket. Now, when it is time for buying a new smartphone there are confusions like which processor is better? should I pay more attention to core than
clock speed? Which core should I select? So, today I am going to share some stories about smartphone processors.


First of all let’s talk about the processor. We can say that processor is the brain of a smartphone compared to human body. Smartphone processors are made to run with low voltages. When you do something like open an app or start playing a video, this instructions or commands first goes to the processor than it executes the commands and the visible changes are seen.


Core is an element of processor. When various tasks are doing in the smartphone and the task queue is long then the tasks are divided between the cores. So, that multitasking become smoother. Latest versions of smartphones has higher cores for better experience.
Core types –
Dual Core (2)
Quad Core (4)
Hexa Core (6)
Octa Core (8)

Clock Speed

Clock speed means actually how much instructions can be done by the processor in a specific time. Faster the clock speed, better to do the tasks smoothly through the smartphone. But there should be a balance between core and clock speed to reduce power consumption and increase battery life.

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