Things You Should Take Care Before Buying a Smartwatch

Things You Should Take Care Before Buying a Smartwatch

Life is getting easy to easier day by day. Smartwatches are part of them. But before buying a smartwatch we should take care of some things so that we can have a smoother experience. Let’s talk about it.

Operating System and Compatibility

Different companies provide their smart watches with different operating systems. Like Apple watches have iOS which works only with i phones while other watches like Samsung provides some devices which can work both i phones and android devices. So you have to take care of that your watch is compatible with your smartphone.


Here you can find 2 types of displays : E-ink and colored LCD. E-ink display is very good to read if you are in the outside sun and it consumes less battery. Colored LCDs are full of colors but they will consume more battery life than E-ink.


Touchscreen and button watches both have some advantages and disadvantages. Through the touchscreen you can operate faster but sometimes it’s problematic to select options in the small display. So, in that case buttons have no problem with selection but that will be a little bit slower than touchscreen.

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Pricing is important and there are ranges of prices of smartwatches. You will find many good watches in between 100$ – 200$.

Fitness Tracking

Smartwatches now offers tracking heart-rates, footsteps etc. So if you are fit guy or want to keep you fit take a look or watch have these features or not.

Battery Life

Battery life is the one of the most important thing here. If you don’t have much battery life it will bother you. So, take a look your watch have a long battery life and you can move without any anxiety.

Hope it will help you and let us know your feedback in the comment section. Your opinion is important for us.

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    Wow! excellent …and i hope it will help me to buy a new watch. Thank you.

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