Camera Specification : Megapixel Explained

Camera Specification : Megapixel Explained

In this new era of technology, megapixel is a very famous term. It’s a huge center of attraction in buying camera and smartphones. But most of us actually don’t know what does it mean by megapixel? So, let’s take a look into this.

The word megapixel has 2 parts. Mega is a prefix which means a million. Pixel is combination of 2 words picture and element. So, finally it comes up that megapixel means a million picture elements.

Pixels are actually squares that are combined to build a digital photo. Each tiny square contains visual info or data. So, greater amount of square combined means greater amount of visual data are combined and this effects the picture quality.

Suppose a camera has a capacity of 20 megapixel that means this camera combines 20 million tiny squares together to create a digital photo. It can be 5000 squares in height and 4000 squares in width or something like that.

If the camera has a higher amount of pixel capacity then it’s helpful when you are going to zoom or crop your photo. So, if you have a camera with higher amount of pixel it will be helpful for image quality.

But there is also one thing that can be taken as drawback that is higher amount of pixel will increase the size of your photo. So, your high pixel camera will need high amount of storage.

So, this was a short story about megapixel in modern cameras. But this is not the only stuff that takes care of picture quality. There are some other factors which are also important.


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