5 Small Free Software That Can Make Your Life Easier

5 Small Free Software That Can Make Your Life Easier

Today I’m gonna tell you about 5 softwares which are small in size but very useful.So, let’s jump to the list.


Size – 1.4 MB

Many time we need to search some files on our pc but windows default searching feature is very slow that plays with your patience. This software can be a great solution. Because it’s very fast and finds out your desired file searchng through all the directories. Even it finds out the files from private folders also.


Size – 393 KB

Sometimes we need to delete some files or folder on windows but they can’t be deleted for some reason. This mini software can help you to delete those files or folders. Be careful about deleting windows system files.


Size – 4.63 MB

When we use a browser like chrome or firefox, we can visit different sites and those sites can be displayed in different tabs in the upside of the browser. But in windows when we enter into the drives we can’t arrange the folders to display like tabs in browser.So this software can show your folders like tabs in browser.

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Size – 630 KB

This tool can help you to clean your drive and delete heavy files easily. In windows the folders don’t show the size of the folders. But windirstat will show which folders have how much files and the size of the folders too. Not only that it will give you a graphical view of file types and you can see which folders have bigger files and by deleting them more space will be released.

Key Remapper

Size – 1.9 MB

May be some buttons on your keyboard are spoiled but you need that button too much and you have some buttons which are functioning but you don’t need those. So, Key Remapper can remap your keys like you can use your functioning keys for your broken keys.

Hope these tiny free softwares will make your work smoother.

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