Camera Specification -     HDR or High-Dynamic-Range Explained

Camera Specification – HDR or High-Dynamic-Range Explained

HDR means High-Dynamic-Range. Nowadays many smartphone cameras and other cameras have this HDR feature. But many of us don’t know actually what does it mean and how to use it. Let’s try to find the story behind it.

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This High-Dynamic-Range or HDR feature takes three shots of a picture and deliver a mixup of those pictures of different exposure. That’s why this HDR mode on shots require a little bit longer time to deliver the picture. So, this feature add more dynamic range to the photos giving a better ratio of lightening and darkness.

But sometimes HDR mode on shots can make the picture worse. So, you have to know which situation suits the best for HDR photos.

  • HDR shots shouldn’t be using when the object is moving. Because when the object is moving the first shot and second shot will mixup resulting a blur photo.
  • HDR shots can make the picture worse when the photo have intensive colors.
  • Landscape mode, in front of sunlight can have better photos with HDR mode.

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