Best Skin & Venereology (চর্ম ও যৌন) Specialist doctor in Dhaka

Best Skin & Venereology (চর্ম ও যৌন) Specialist doctor in Dhaka

Top 5 Dermatoligist

According to D-list, Here i have given top 5 Dermatoligist profile link.


MBBS, DDV, MCPS, FCPS (Dermatology and Venereology) Grading Course in Dermatology (AFMI), Fellowship Training in Cutaneous and LASER Surgery(Bangkok) Specialist: Dermatology and Venereology, Allergy, Cosmetic and Sexual Medicine Designation: Professor and Head of the Department, Dermatology and Venereology,Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Dhaka Experiance: 28 years Organization: Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Dhaka Cantonment BMDC Reg No: A-21472

Dermatology is concerned with all the disorders of the outer skin and inner mucous membranes. Venereology is concerned with disorders that can be transmitted through sexual contact.

In Bangladesh skin problem is a major problem most of the people those are work under lower poverty. Here maximum working environment are damp and worker are work on this huge populated damp environment. That's why when they are sweating they unable to wipe it and sweat merge with the skin whole day. By this way skin got damage and many  fungal infections affected the skin.
The specialist in these branches of medicine is able to recognize skin and sexually transmitted diseases though changes in the skin or mucous membranes. He uses probes to conduct a variety of tests so as to arrive at a precise diagnosis. Common skin disorders include dermatitis (inflammation), psoriasis (flaking) and fungal infections. He also deals with skin allergies and is familiar with certain disorders of the blood vessels, such as varicose veins.

Dermatology can make use of a variety of methods to treat skin and sexually transmitted diseases. These can either be drug-based, or can involve techniques such as laser therapy, cryotherapy (freezing), dermal abrasion (scraping damaged skin) or surgical interventions, e.g. removing skin tumors.​

Above, i have given best Skin & Venereology (চর্ম ও যৌন) Specialist doctor in Dhaka according to D-list.

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