How to find the best web hosting provider

How to find the best web hosting provider

Website page speed is now a major issue for SEO ranking. Google already declared their algorithm is working with website page speed. If your site loading slow then your site will get down in Google search ranking. On the other hand, You will loss up to70% of visitor because of slow speed. And it’s impact on website bounce rate, session and finally your sales.

So, if your website is fast then the result will be reverted. Your website traffic will increase up to 70% and your business will grow automatically.

Hance, whatever your business, content or product, website speed is indirectly mandatory.

Here, i will describe one and only major tips by which you can chose the best web hosting provider. But some issue you must be cleared.

  1. What type of website you made?
  2. How many traffic you aspect?

If your website is E-commerce or service related and you have lots of traffic then this post will be helpful for you.

One and only tips: First of all check the hosting provider own website speed through “Google page speed” ,”Pingdom” or “Gmetrix” index result. If the hosting provider website is not good according the website speed tester tool then you should not chose that hosting provider. Cause, If he can’t make faster speed his own website then how can it’s make your website faster?

Now you may be say there are also some issue of being speed up a website like theme, script, image, layout etc. Yes you are right.

For this case you can chose this hosting provider and they are solve all of issues. You just buy their hosting service and take a sound sleep. They will manage everything.

I was facing this problem huge. I have changed lot’s of web-hosting provider like Cloudways, Siteground, namecheap, Ifastnet, WPengine, Digital ocean but my problem remain same. Then i have work out with my theme and script, use CDN but it’s not improve enough page speed. Then i found this hosting provider.

O my God when i see the Google page speed test result i become wordless. When my website always show 5% now it’s show 94% score. this is my website you can check it through Google page speed tester.

The magical web-hosting provider is: Nestify

You can test your website for 7 days trial. Then take your decision. I hope no way to come back from this web-hosting company. Enjoy!
But, Their support not so first class like Cloudway or Siteground.

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