Elephant Guides of Chit-wan National Park in Nepal

Elephant Guides of Chit-wan National Park in Nepal

Specially we known Nepal as a country of Mount Avarest and huge people go there to see or climbing Mount avarest. But Nepal is also prominent for Elephant kingdom. So, we should not miss this those are love to see one of the biggest natural park of Nepal by the elephant riding.

Chitwan National Park is one of the best Parks in Nepal, established in 1973 AD, where we can have a look of various species of birds, plants, and animals including wildlife, floras, and faunas. Owing to its rich adornment of nature the park was declared UNESCO Natural Heritage Site in 1984.

In this article i will discuss about Elephant guides of Nepal. Specially In Nepal’s Chitwan National Park, elephants are nowadays being used as walking guides in the forest rather than as outdated and punishing tourist carriage. Chitwan National Park is 160 km East of Kathmandu.

Chitwan National Park are not like that as before to tour the park under a moveable jail car. Now you can visit whole park through Mahouts guideline. After reaching the park you need to buy ticket. After that you can visit the park riding on the elephant. The concern will make a team of elephant with more visitors.
Nepal is deference in here and make your heart with full of content. You can enjoy the nature by the riding of nature. May be you have to ride on all modern vehicles but riding on mahouts type elephant give you extra.
you can also give a little look back on this video to take idea.

Though traveling with elephant guides of Nepal is little bit dangerous but the mahouts are so experience So, if you properly follow the instruction of them than i hope it's will be awesome journey for you.

Mahouts are no longer permitted to use metallic hooks on elephants. Now only timber sticks are allowed.

Though Thailand is making exosphere headings for its long running painful elephant tourism business along with tigers and dolphins, one must look at Nepal a little differently.

Nepal safari camp ends elephant-back tours, In Nepal’s Chitwan national park, elephants are now being used as walking guides in the jungle rather than as traditional – and cruel – tourist transport

If you seen this video hope already got the flavor of Chitwan National Park and how different from others. And it's gone really natural.

In Nepal, elephant are like a family member of Nepalees, they use elephant for their day to day life work. So, you will be also the friend of napalee elephant in the day end. oh sorry! may be i have told more about the live vehicle elephant guides than the park of Chitwan. Actually, i want to hide the others beauty of nature that you will seen in the traveling time. Cause, i want to give you people the flavor of juice not the juice. So, to drink the juice you should visit the Chitwan National Park of nepal with the Elephant Guides.

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