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Majhar PacknShift

Majhar PacknShift is a top-class residential and commercial moving company in Bangladesh. We not only provide our moving services in Bangladesh but also internationally. We are a complete solution of moving services in domestic and international. We have a long time moving experience. In this mover and packers field, we are a giant company. Our quality

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Prospera IT Solution

Prospera is the leading Digital Marketing company in Mirpur, Dhaka. We provide custom website development, Website designing, Graphics designing, ERP and CRM Services, Search Engine Optimization, Ecommerce development, PHP, android application, CMS-based website, social media marketing, PPC, and SEO services.

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Uttara Plumbing

Plumbing & Sanitary ServicesEmergency plumbing:24 hours plumbing service for broken water pipes, clogged drains, gas leak, water heater leak, flood, blocked sewer line & more.Replacement of Old Plumbing WorksDrain Cleaning ServicesRerouting Plumbing PipesPipe Leak Repair & UncloggingToilet RepairFixture Repair Replacement & InstallationWater

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Gontobbo Courier

Gontobbo courier এখন সারাদেশের ৮টি বিভাগীয় শহর ৬৪টি জেলা এবং ৪৮৭ টি উপজেলায় পার্সেল পৌঁছে দিচ্ছে প্রতিশ্রুত সময়ের মাঝেই।১.Gontobbo courier কেন দ্রুত ডেলিভারিতে অঙ্গীকারবদ্ধ ? আমরা বিশ্বাস করি একমাত্র দ্রুত ডেলিভারিই পারে কাস্টমার সন্তুষ্টি অর্জনের মাধ্যমে একজন উদ্যোক্তার ব্যবসাকে সামনে এগিয়ে নিতে।২.Gontobbo courier আপনার পার্সেলের সুরক্ষায় কিভাবে কাজ করছে ?

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EDASS, A group of company. It is one of the best Bangladeshi world wide Digital product and IT service company. We launch our organization in the very first of 2018. Now our digital product and service spreed world wide. The satisfaction of client is our best motivation. There is no compromise in the quality of product and service. Our mission and visions is

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Talukder Thai Aluminium

Talukder Thai AluminiumDealer: Chung hua AluminiumWe are selling all kind of aluminum profile, aluminum fabrication Hardware and many more.we are also selling signboard aluminum profile and hardware. Our bond is to makes your company to be a brand. In service world it’s very easy to start an advertising agency by involving huge investment

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