Bangladesh Driving Training Institute

Bangladesh Driving Training Institute

আত্ম নির্ভরশীলতা বাড়াতে ও বেকারত্ব দূর করতে ড্রাইভিং শিখুন Bangladesh Driving Training Institute এ...

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আত্ম নির্ভরশীলতা বাড়াতে ও বেকারত্ব দূর করতে ড্রাইভিং শিখুন

Bangladesh Driving Training Institute এ…

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Bangladesh Driving Training School in Dhaka

Dhaka is an overpopulated city thus vehicles are always in rush on the roads. This unnecessary rush is leading to many unwanted accidents since recent years. To ensure safe roads for the dwellers, the authority has become extremely strict regarding the traffic laws. Thus to drive on the roads, there is not any escape than to know and oblige the rules. Apart from the law fact, safe driving should also be performed by us for our own sake. To have safe roads, we actually have to drive safely. Practical driving training is a must to attain driving skills. Most of the times, people in Bangladesh choose to practice driving from relatives or friends except going to proper driving schools. But to drive safe you must get enrolled into Driving School in Dhaka.

The Actual Scenario of Driving Training center in Dhaka

Though the government has been extremely strict yet the roads are unsafe. Most of the drivers do not even know the basic traffic rules. The violation of rules is continuously causing great loss. The main reason for this unawareness is the lack of proper driving schools. Most of the driving schools in Dhaka city do not have skilled trainee. As a result, the driver does not get proper knowledge. Again the driving schools in Dhaka city do not really concentrates on teaching safe and calm driving. And the drivers are always in a rush, always try to overtake.

To evolve from this situation, we have come across to help the drivers. We are the best Driving School in Dhanmondi with a range of supportive and skilled manpower.

Facilities we offer: All the Exclusive Qualities You Want to Know

Though the List of driving school in Dhaka is quite long yet we have something new to offer you. We provide some magnificent facilities that you have never seen before.

What we offer:

  • We offer hostel facilities during your learning period.
  • Our classrooms are well equipped, large and can accommodate a smart number of candidates.
  • We ensure driving instructors who are expert and give you solutions to your every query.
  • We offer job facilities in our own institute.
  • You will receive a cordial and friendly learning atmosphere.

Importance of BD Driving School

Driving school is the most important fact to mold your driving into perfection. If a driving school successfully trains you well, it may decrease the risk of at least one accident.

The Importance of Driving School in Dhaka:

  • Driving schools is a place that can actually enhance the knowledge of a driver regarding the traffic rules and regulations. Every driving school must have a basic course regarding traffic laws. Proper knowledge of traffic law is the first prerequisite of a developed driver.
  • The driving school helps the trainees to get an official license. Every citizen in Bangladesh has to obtain a license to drive on the roads. The license does not come easily. Applicants have to sit for a tough exam along with practice tests. Driving schools make the students enable to enhance their skills to pass the license exam.
  • Driving schools also provide theoretical knowledge. In our country basically, it is commonly seen that the ancestors of the family teach driving to the young generation. As a result, they might know the driving process but they lack the theoretical knowledge. But driving schools actually let the trainee know about all the theoretical knowledge regarding their respective vehicle.

Services We Offer: Get the best Deal of Dhaka Driving School

We offer certain services and courses that are fit every level of drivers. We have the basic course on the pro-level course. We do not prolong our course, we value your time. We try to provide affordable courses in the shortest time packed with all the necessary knowledge.

Our Services at a Glance:

Fresher Lessons

It’ll covers all the basic theories regarding rules. In this segment, we usually take some tests on driving of our students to know the actual condition of them. We plan the course according to the tests.

Driving Lessons

This is the core driving lesson. Here our expert trainers train driving. This lesson has three levels and they are:

  1. Beginner Level
  2. Mid-Level
  3. Experienced Level

Again the driving training covers three types of motor vehicles and they are:

  • Bike: We are the best Bike driving school in Dhaka. We ensure safe bike riding for you.
  • Manual Car: Though this trading is quite difficult we are the best Manual car driving school in Dhaka to give you proper training.
  • Auto Car: We claim us to be the Auto car driving school in Dhaka as our manpower has utmost knowledge over automatic cars.

Skill enhancing Lesson

This lesson is to build the skills and to enhance the already present skills. In this course, we enhance our customers. If you are a beginner level driver, in this section we try to update you to a mid level driver.

Private Training lessons

It is for weak students or students who like to be trained alone. We offer private training sessions. Though the course fee is relatively high for this lesson worth it.

Why Should You Choose Us

We are the one-way solution to your driving queries. Not only we train you the basics of driving but also we introduce you to some mind-blowing tricks to enhance your career in driving. We excel due to some of our precious qualities.

The reasons you cannot hold yourself back from coming to us:

  • We basically provide training on cars; both manual and automatic cars and even bikes. This combination is quite rare in Bangladesh. We offer all within our one institute.
  • We have reliable and efficient manpower to trust. Our team integrity and expert learning allow us to serve you maximum knowledge on driving.
  • We emphasize on teaching the traffic rules which is quite impressive. We believe in your safety first and business later. Thus unlike others, we don’t only focus to end the course. Rather we chose to teach you all traffic rules make your driving experience safe.
  • We even have job offers for the trainees. If you excel in the training session and impress the instructors, our institution can even offer you a job.
  • We provide extra facilitated practical training center. Our training system consists of both practical and theoretical training. And we ensure all the necessary safety equipment for practical learning.

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